• Enjoying the abundant seasonal charms of the Nanae town, Onuma and Hakodate areas
  • Enjoying the abundant seasonal charms of the Nanae town, Onuma and Hakodate areas
  • Enjoying the abundant seasonal charms of the Nanae town, Onuma and Hakodate areas

Enjoying the abundant seasonal
charms of the
Nanae town,
Onuma and Hakodate areas

The surroundings of Hakodate Onuma Tsuruga Resort EPUY include a range of natural pleasures, unique Hokkaido activities
and gourmet spots giving you the chance to discover delicious and unique local specialties.

Local Information

Nanae Town, Onuma, Hokuto-city area
  • 01Onuma Quasi-National

    Onuma Quasi-National Park

    Onuma Quasi-National Park, selected as one of the new Japanese beauty spots.
    We recommend enjoying a cycle while admiring the three lakes, islands of various sizes, swamp, trees, animals and plants, as well as

    Mt. Komaga-take. EPUY has three bicycles that can be borrowed free of charge.
    Mt. Komaga-take is an active volcano with an altitude of 1,131 m. Due to repeated volcanic activity, the summit was blown away, giving it a unique appearance as it is today. It is also famous as a treasure trove of alpine plants.

  • 02Shirotai Ranch
    Observation Deck

    Shirotai Ranch Observation Deck

    During the day, you can overlook the scenic ranch and the Hokkaido Shinkansen railroad tracks, and the spectacular view of Hakodate Bay and Mt. Hakodate at night is nicknamed "7-star night view".

  • 03Trappist Monastery

    Higureyama observatory

    Japan's first Catholic Men's Monastery was founded in 1896 in Toshima Tobetsu. The butter and cookies made at the on-site factory are famous. The road leading to the monastery and the surrounding walking paths show beautiful scenery in each of the four seasons.

Hakodate area
  • 01Mt. Hakodate

    Mount Hakodate

    The cable car takes visitors up to the summit at an altitude of 334 m in around three minutes. With cherry blossoms in spring, and fishermen's fires to lure fish in summer, enjoy each season at its expressive best. The Hakodate night view, meanwhile, which ranks as one of the "world's three greatest night views" stands out for the beautiful contrast of the shining sea and night view.

  • 02Kanamori Red Brick

    Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse

    Opened over 150 years ago in the trade port of Hakodate; a red brick architecture warehouse encapsulating the history of the bay area. Please enjoy shopping, dining and other events in the red brick warehouse venue, as you take a walk down memory lane with the history of Hakodate.

  • 03Goryokaku

    Goryokaku Tower

    Right next to Goryokaku Park, Goryokaku Tower gives you a panoramic view from 107 m overlooking Goryokaku and the city of Hakodate. Enjoy the best of each season; cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves or snowy scenery, as well as the beauty of Goryokaku itself.

  • 04Trappistine Monastery

    Goryokaku Tower

    Founded by eight nuns dispatched from France in 1898, it is Japan's first convent. Madalena and cookies sold at shops are famous.

  • 05Hakodate JOMON
    Culture Center

    Goryokaku Tower

    A museum that permanently exhibits "Hollow Clay Figure (Chuku-Dogu)", the only national treasure in Hokkaido. There is beside at Roadside Rest Erea(Michi-no-Eki) "Jomon Roman Minami Kayabe".

  • 06Motomachi Park

    Motomachi Park

    A park that serves as a base for sightseeing in Motomachi. The area was the administrative center where the Hakodate Magistrate's Office, Hokkaido Development Commission, and more were located in the past. In the park, there are historical buildings such as the former Hokkaido Government Hakodate Branch Office Building and the former Development Envoy Hakodate Branch Office Bookstore.

  • 07Hachiman-Zaka Slope

    Hachiman-Zaka Slope

    A long time ago, there was Hakodate Hachimangu in the middle of this slope, so it was called "Hachiman no Saka". It is used in many commercials and movies, and is the most popular slope in Hakodate. You can see Hakodate Port and the Seikan Ferry Memorial Hall Mashumaru, which used to operate, in front of you.

  • 08Hakodate Harisutosu Orthodox Church

    Hakodate Harisutosu Orthodox Church

    This church is that of the Orthodox Church in Japan founded in 1858 by the Russian Consulate. The existing building, built in 1916, is known as a representation of western-style buildings in Hakodate. It has been designated as important cultural property.

  • 09Higashihongan-ji Temple

    Higashihongan-ji Temple

    This is the oldest reinforced concrete temple in Japan, built in 1915. It has been designated as important cultural property. Large shining black roof tiles are impressive.

Nanae Town, Onuma area
  • 01Table de Rivage

    Kubota farm milk parlor

    An open restaurant standing on the shores of Onuma. Various small and large islets, trees and flora and fauna entertain you with seasonal expressions. Enjoy a special time in a great location surrounded by nature.

  • 02Pioneering Onuma
    dumplings - Numanoya

    Pioneering Onuma dumplings - Numanoya

    The Onuma Dango is a local Onuma specialty with manufacturing methods and taste that have remained unchanged ever since it was discovered in 1905. A taste no-one can tire of, featuring three flavors of bean paste, sesame seed, and regular oil and using only the finest ingredients.

  • 03Yamakawa Farm Milk Plant

    Kubota farm milk parlor

    We have a variety of dairy products such as soft ice cream, yogurt, and cheese that use fresh raw milk of "Holstein beef" and "Jersey beef," which are nurtured by the rich nature of Onuma. There is also an eat-in space.

Hakodate area
  • 01Hakodate Bay Gourmet Club

    Hakodate Bay Gourmet Club

    A collection of eateries, where you can also enjoy a natural hot spring footbath at the entrance to the Bay Area. A total of four buildings, Western and Japanese cuisine on offer, plus a free hot spring footbath - suddenly find yourself back enjoying the good old days of Hakodate.


  • 02Hakodate morning market

    Hakodate morning market

    A morning market of nationwide fame, cramming in 360 or so shops. Please enjoy the unique taste of Hakodate, including freshly cooked seafood bowls and squid sashimi as well as other overflowing specialties.

  • 03Lucky Pierrot

    Lucky Pierrot

    A popular restaurant, with local burgers that have been selected as the best in Japan, while other menu items include curry and pizza. Each shop has its own special theme, creating a fun-filled atmosphere filled with individuality and enjoyment.

  • 04Hasegawa Store

    Lucky Pierrot

    A convenience store that operates mainly in Hakodate. Since its launch in September 1978, its signature product, Yakitori Bento, has continued to retain its original taste. As it is a favorite of "GLAY" members, fans are increasing in the nationwide wards. In the Donan area, "yakitori" will be generally "pork". Please enjoy it as a memory of Hakodate.

  • 05Daimon Yokocho


    A stall village located a 5-minute walk from JR Hakodate Station. With 26 stores, it is the largest in the north of Tohoku. A place where you can enjoy various genres of food at a low price and deliciously. Please be intoxicated with the ingredients unique to Hokkaido and the dishes that the owner is particular about. Various events such as "Daimon Baru" are also held regularly.

  • 06Gotoken Restaurant Yukikawatei

    五島軒本店 レストラン雪河亭

    Founded in the 12th year of the Meiji era, it is loved not only by locals but also by tourists for its many dishes that use Hokkaido ingredients abundantly. Enjoy the taste of the north, which inherits the history and culture of Hakodate, which is full of exoticism.

Nanae Town, Onuma, Hokuto-city area
  • 01Onuma pleasure boat

    Onuma pleasure boat

    Take a scenic trip around the Onuma and Konuma lakes lasting about half an hour. The beauty that emerges during your leisurely cruise is a world away from the lakeside view.

  • 02Canoe


    Explore beyond the normal overland and pleasure boat scope and while enjoying the nature of Onuma up close, please enjoy unhurried moments of pleasure.

  • 03Rental Bicycle

    Rental Bicycle

    We also recommend cycling where you can feel the nature of Onuma. It is a course of about 14km (about 1 hour and 30 minutes) per lap that goes around the lakeside leisurely while gazing at the glittering lake. Bicycles are rented at the hotel.

  • 04Hokkaido Country Club
    (Onuma Course)


    Hokkaido Country Club is located in Onuma Park, and a scenic spot overlooking Mt. Komaga-take. You can enjoy the historical "Onuma Course (18H)" and the "Prince Course (18H)" which was renewed in 2017.

  • 05Ambix Hakodate Club


    A full-fledged championship course that spreads over a small hill and forest in Hokuto City. LPGA tour "Nipponham Ladies Classic" was held for 3 consecutive years from 2016.

  • 06Sonny's Stable


    You can enjoy a real horse riding experience in the nature at the foot of Mt. Komaga-take. Beginners also can rest assured that they will start with a assistant from a cowboy with experience in the United States.
    Guests who book a horseback riding stay at EPUY can also pick up and drop off from the hotel (20 minutes each way, *Reservation required). *Children from 11 years old.

Hakodate area
  • 01Hakodate Morning Market Eki
    Ni Shijyo(函館朝市 駅二市場)

    Hakodate specialty squid-fishing experience

    At "Hakodate Morning Market Eki Ni Shijyo(函館朝市 駅二市場)" in front of JR Hakodate Station, there is a corner where you can easily experience Hakodate's famous squid fishing. It is an indoor facility that is open from 06:00, so it is recommended even in the early morning or in bad weather.

  • 02Hakodate Rickshaw EBISUYA

    Hakodate Dosanko farm

    A traditional Japanese rickshaw rides around the exotic cityscape used in numerous movies and commercials, and the cityscape of Hakodate that changes with the four seasons. When you get on, the line of sight will be high, the wind will be pleasant, and the ride will be the best. You can experience extraordinary. Please enjoy the guide and commemorative photo of rickshaw staff. *The waiting place for rickshaw is Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse.

  • 03Blue Moon
    Pleasure Boat

    Blue Moon Pleasure Boat

    A pleasure boat that can accommodate up to 200 people. Including "Day Cruise" and "Night Cruise" options around Hakodate Harbor as well as cruising plans that also include delicious meals.